mottys-farm-cuisine-melisa-otooleLocal Broke couple, Melissa and Paul O’Toole love the beautiful landscapes and fertile wine-growing zones throughout this Hunter Valley region. They have a magnificent vegetable garden that abounds with herbs, salad and root vegetables, sweet corn, zucchini and many other seasonal varieties, along with livestock and chickens.

Melissa saw an opportunity to enrich the experience of all who came to visit the Broke area and enjoy the pleasures of wine-tasting. “After a long day’s travel and/or tasting, who wants to cook or even go out to dinner?” she asked. The answer is, not very many! Especially when they can relax and enjoy the pleasures of true country-style cuisine in the comfort of their accommodation. And so Motty’s Farm Cuisine was born!

Melissa incorporates fresh local produce into her cooking, such as cheese from Binnorie Dairy and olive oil from River Flats Estate.

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